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Graduation Project

The Graduation Project is a program designed to help students return to UNM to complete their degree and graduate. 

Qualifications for the Graduation Project are: 
Graduation Project

  • Any student who stopped attending classes for at least one semester (excluding Summer)
  • Must have at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Must have earned 98 credit hours and at least 30 hours were completed at UNM
  • Must have left UNM in good financial standing

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we invite you to read more about our program. Call us directly at (505) 277-0896 or you may stop by the office at the University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Room 170. We are open for walk-ins from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


In 1995 Dr. David Stuart and Dr. Chris Garcia conducted a survey to find out why students were dropping out of the University of New Mexico. They discovered that the four main reasons, besides personal, that students left the university without a degree were :

  • They could not afford tuition
  • They were unable to receive advisement
  • They could not get into the classes needed for graduation
  • They could not find parking

President Peck’s 1997 Enrollment Initiative caused Drs. Stuart and Garcia to review their findings, and begin the Graduation Project in order to boost enrollment numbers.

The Graduation Project was started in 1996 to help students who left UNM in good standing and with more than 98 earned credit hours, return and complete their degree. In 1996 it was the only program of its kind in the nation, however, other universities are now creating programs similar to the Graduation Project.

We offer students a number of services, please see Interested Students. Our mission is to facilitate graduation for all Graduation Project students, give timely student support, be a ‘home-base’ for students, and to uphold academic integrity and knowledge. If you have any friends that might meet these requirements, please refer them to us so that we can help them as well.