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Meeting with a Success Coach is comfortable, low-maintenance, and low-drama. It is a chance for you to receive the support you need to fully engage in college life and beyond. In the initial meeting, expect the coach to learn more about your current situation and your desired destination in order to create next steps and an action plan. Coaching happens in person, phone, or skype. 

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Volunteer and Peer Success Coaches


Guinevere (Guin) Beard - Lobos Unidos

The research and success of the College of Medicine is what attracted me to UNM. I expect to  make long time friends, complete fundamental classes for my major, create memories, and learn from my college experience. I enjoy coaching becuase I see students develop and succeed in school and prosper throughout their college career.

Ricardo Castillo - Lobos Unidos and Men of Color Initiative

I came to UNM in search of a better future. I enjoy helping students improve and learn from my mistakes. 

Elsa Reyes - Lobos Unidos

Coming to UNM was a great opportunity to grow academically and personally, being able to be a role model to my family.  I did not know what to expect from being in college and in the beginning it was overwhelming. I enjoy coaching because I´m able to connect and guide students that are going through same experiences that I and many others have in college.

Emily Montoya - Lobos Unidos

I came to UNM in order to grow as a person and student. My time here at UNM has been an overall rewarding experience. Of course as students there are going to be frustration, but the entire staff at UNM is rooting for their students to succeed. I enjoy watching the students I coach grow, change, overcome bearers, and accomplish their goals. My coaching experience has been absolutely amazing.

Joshua Skeen - Lobos Unidos

I came to UNM from CNM to originally pursue a degree in Criminology. Along the way I decided that I wanted to pursue Criminology and paramedics as I enjoy both career fields.  After speaking with my own success coach I was able to find a way to combine both career fields and turn them into a career in Search and Rescue with the Police force.  Coaching gives an individual a sense of direction and a positive outlet to bounce ideas off of.  A coach is a students main support system and sense of guidance in their college life.  

Johnel Reddic

I chose UNM because it is one of the premier research Universities in the country and I want to eventually do my Master's work in the Social Sciences. What I enjoy most about coaching, is that it helps me to overcome my shyness or my or anti-social behavior and gives me the opportunity to serve others as a way of showing my gratitude for the people who have helped me along the way and share my experiences with young people, to help guide them along their journey! 

Larena Gonzales

My name is Larena Gonzales, I'm a freshman at UNM and I am from Aurora, CO. I am majoring in Health Education and hope to become a Physician Assistant in obstetrician department. What I like about coaching is how I am getting to know students and what they are all about. I want to help them come up with options they have in regards to concerns or issues they may have in their lifestyle and balancing work with social activities. I look forward to giving other students resources they can use to the best of their ability and succeed not only in their academic careers, but their lifestyles and futures too.

Ben Martinez

I came to UNM to find my passion and to assist people in finding theirs! Coaching allows me to do so, and also to create productive relationships and connections for the rest of my time at the university. I look forward to meeting everybody and getting to know them!